Comet Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a Comet Card?

All students, staff, faculty and affiliates who use University services.

Do I have to use all of the features of the Comet Card?

No. All of the features, other than the ID portion, are optional.

What documentation do I need to get a Comet Card?

You need a government issued photo ID (USA driver's license, passport, etc.). Students need to wait at least 48 hours from when they registered for classes for the current or future semester. (Exceptions may apply for students participating in freshmen orientation.) Staff and faculty need to request a card via the eCat system.

Is there a charge or fee for the Comet Card?

Your first Comet Card will be issued at no cost. There is a $20 fee for a replacement.

Where do I get my Comet Card?

Comet Cards are issued only at the Comet Card Office. The Comet Card Office is located in the second floor of the SSA Building (main entrance).

Lost or Damaged Card

What if my Comet Card is lost or stolen?

Report the loss immediately using the GET Portal or by contacting the Comet Card Office.

What if I find my lost Comet Card?

Before you can use the card, you must come to the Comet Card Office to have it reactivated. Reactivation requests cannot be taken by phone. If a new Comet Card has been issued, turn in the recovered card to the Comet Card Office. It is no longer valid.

What if my Comet Card is damaged?

An assessment will be made by the Comet Card Office to determine if a charge should be made for replacement.

What happens to my Comet Cash account if my card is lost or stolen?

When the loss is reported the card is deactivated. The unauthorized use of your Comet Cash is blocked. The University or the Comet Card Office is not responsible for any use of the account before the loss is reported. Comet Cash balance is transferred when the card is replaced.

Comet Cash

What is Comet Cash?

Comet Cash is an on-campus declining balance account used to pay for food, books, health services, copying and printing and more.

Where can I make a deposit to a Comet Cash account?

Deposits are fasted and most convenient using the GET portal. They can also be made at the Comet Card Office by credit/debit card.

Can I withdraw cash from my Comet Cash account?

No. Cash withdrawals cannot be made from a Comet Cash account at any time.

Can I close my Comet Cash account and request a refund of the remaining balance?

A Comet Cash account can only be closed when you are no longer affiliated with the University. A written request is required for a refund. If no money is owed to the University, a refund for the remaining balance will be issued to the address provided.

What if there is a balance in my Comet Cash account at the end of the semester?

A balance in the account at the end of a semester will carry over to the next semester.

Where can I use my Comet Cash?

Comet Cash can be used for on and off campus purchases. Click here for locations.


How does a faculty or staff member acquire a Comet Card?

Simply fill out an eCat request. An official government photo ID is needed to receive a Comet Card.

Will the Comet Card pay tuition?

No. Tuition and mandatory fees cannot be paid by the Comet Card.

Can visitors to UT Dallas obtain a Comet Card?

Application for affiliates is available on the eCat system.

How can online/distance learning students receive a Comet Card?

  Contact [email protected] for instructions on submitting an online photo.